Sunday, June 03, 2007

12 Things I Learned From An Evening of Watching "The Kids Are Alright" and Led Zep's "How the West Was Won" Back-To-Back

1. Keith Moon was by far the coolest member of The Who.

2. Keith Moon and John Bonham were both crazy-phenomenal drummers. If I had to choose between them, though, I'd pick John Bonham. Keith Moon's constant reliance on cymbal crashing makes him a tad more busy than I like, though his style was an integral part of The Who's sound. There's a real art to Bonham's instinct to keep it simple. What he chooses not to play is just as important as what he plays.

3. Les Pauls are wonderful guitars that really shouldn't oughta be smashed.

4. Roger Daltrey and Robert Plant both shopped at at Vulgar Trouser World.

5. Roger Daltrey wore Garanimals shirts, but Robert Plant wore his mum's blouses.

6. Roger Daltrey and Robert Plant are both equally annoying, yet equally necessary.

7. At times, both Roger Daltrey and John Paul Jones wore outfits frightfully similar to 1970s ladies' office fashions that were inspired by "Little House on the Prairie".

8. Pete Townshend's guitar playing seems cute and amusing compared to that of Jimmy Page.

9. Led Zeppelin's lyrics are best ignored. The Who's lyrics, on the other hand, could be quite pithy on occasion.

10. Jimmy Page had fabulous taste in footwear.

11. The young Robert Plant was really just a big nerd who liked Tolkien way too much. If Led Zeppelin had formed in the '70s instead of the '60s, all of their songs would've been about Star Wars.

12. I'd like The Who a whole lot more if they had broken up in 1968.


Bobby said...

If you really want to see what Led Zeppelin was capable of forget 'The Song Remains The Same' and go get the 2003 Led Zeppelin DVD. It's already the best selling music dvd ever released and very powerful evidence that Led Zeppelin still have no equal in the world of rock.

extrastorchy said...

"How the West Was Won" was what I watched. Is that the one you're talking about? Made me misty.

Dave Pasternak said...

The Who should have broken up in 1968? Noooo! OK, Tommy was way overhyped but you gotta get 'em through Live at Leeds and Who's Next!

Another couple of observations - John Entwistle should have chosen a different hairstylist during the 1970s. And while the new album isn't bad, Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey shouldn't call themselves The Who.

My idea was - surviving members of The Who are missing a rhythm section. Surviving Beatles are a rhythm section. New group: The Whotles. I can't wait to hear 'Magical Mystery Tour Bus' or my personal favorite 'My Sweet Lord, A Legal Matter'.

extrastorchy said...

I must admit that Live at Leeds is a fabulous record, and I don't generally dig live albums. Jerry Lee's "Live at the Star Club '65" is another exception. Coupla James Brown recordings, too.

I could probably do without "Who's Next" except for "Love Ain't For Keeping," which I've always liked. I don't know. I just liked 'em better when they were young and goofy.

Jay -or- Jay Byrd -or- James Dean Jay Byrd said...

You slay me with your pithiosity!

Anonymous said...

Apparently, both Roger and Robert could answer, "To the right," when asked, "How's it hanging?"


Anonymous said...

Oop... make that, "To the left."

It's ME who hangs to the right.


extrastorchy said...

I think they're both stuffing.