Sunday, August 12, 2007

Beach Baby

I spent some time at the beach last week. It was a very nice beach, with lots of sand and water and colorful sailboats. It was very sunny and there were lots of pretty umbrellas to keep the sun from frying the crap out of all the nice people who were on the beach. Hundreds of people, there were. The place was crawling with them. Oh, how I looked forward to taking nice pictures of all the nice people and things I saw at the nice beach. So, what do I do instead?


Well, it's a good thing I took all those photos when I was in Manhattan last winter, or folks might begin to think I'm some sort of recluse with a mental problem.

What's that you say? There are no people in any of those photos either?



Will E. said...

It's like a deleted scene from "Jaws," ain't it? Don't worry; I make "Jaws" references everywhere.

Anonymous said...

You did eventually pick up the fallen chair, didn't you? It bothers me when photojournalists, focused only on their picture-taking, lose their sense of perspective and don't try to stop a violent confrontation, or save a fish gasping for air in a polluted river, or, in this case, set a fallen chair upright.


extrastorchy said...

Now that you mention it, it's probably still in that same position.