Saturday, November 10, 2007

Dark Clothes Horse

I'm about to do a load of darks, and the bottle of detergent I just bought tells me to pour its dark blue liquid up to the second line of this cup.

Idiots run the world.


Cissy Strutt said...

So what is the use of the first line?

Anonymous said...

Yes, what is the use of the first line?


extrastorchy said...

I'm still not convinced that there is one.

anaglyph said...

->Idiots run the world.

You say that like it's news.

Humphrey Tweed said...

->Idiots run the world.

No we don't! It just *seems* that way because we're on TV so much. If we ran the world, laundry soap would taste like chocolate milk. said...

Does it hurt to be that stupid?

If I ever write the book, I already have the title.