Saturday, October 21, 2006

I Don't Have a Single Original Thought In My Head

It's true. All work and no play makes me a complete lump of crap as a blogger. I did manage to avoid work long enough today to snap this photo of Number One Dog, Lebowski. (Number Two Dog, Daisy, declined to be photographed.)

I'm no Evenstar, but I do know a handsome beast when I see one. As a photo editor I stink out loud, but I did at least manage to clone out some stray fuzz and dog goobers.

Believe it or not, digital fuzz removal was one of my great triumphs today, the other being the devisement and execution of a plan (Plan A) to remove my sweatpants and put on proper trousers. Now, three hours later, I am in the midst of devising a second plan (Plan A Sub-1)that will reverse the outcome of my previous plan, Plan A. Plan A Sub-1 is far more complicated than Plan A, however, as it includes the addition of a shower and change of underpants. In fact, it is becoming clearer to me by the second that the success of Plan A Sub-1 hinges on the creation of a detailed diagram, drawn to scale.

I'd best get on it.


Anonymous said...

I love that photo. The dog projects the concept of onmipresent. As if he's figured it all out; his purpose on earth; the purpose of others; the existence of God.

anaglyph said...

I look forward to the annotated Plans. Make sure you include lots of arrows. That really does it for me.

extrastorchy said...

Brains -- I think he's mostly just wishing that I'd stop saying "Treats!" without delivering the goods.

anaglyph -- Arrows! That's a great idea! Gotta go. . .

jeff hart said...

dang, i wrote a comment sunday, but i guess i forgot to hit "send" or something. trying again.

the blue in the background brings the brown out in lebowski's eyes.

worth waiting for!

evenstar said...

Storchy! If I had to have a plan like that to change my daks, I wouldn't have a hope in hell of negotiating photoshop. How do you do it?

Thanks so much for the link too... :)

extrastorchy said...

Thanks, Jeff!

Evenstar -- Making simple tasks overly time-consuming is a rut I fall into when I'm overworked and procrastinating. You should have seen the elaborate system of simple machines I constructed to help me flush the toilet. It would've given Rube Goldberg a run for his money.

I'm not familiar with "daks". Is that some of your upside-down language for "underpants"?

evenstar said...

"Making simple tasks overly time-consuming is a rut I fall into when I'm overworked and procrastinating.

Hehe.. me too, but compulsive checking's my preferred option. Elaborate systems of machinery do sound a lot more engaging though :)

Sorry about the vernacular. Realised in retrospect you'd have no idea... You got it though - "daks" is pants, underpants are well, underdaks I guess.

Hope the plan went well :)

Wendy said...

Very entertaining! And thanks for editing out the dog goobers.

Missed you at the big event. Big talker, you are. How do I even know you know how to bowl duckpins?

Crystal said...

I happen to enjoy dog goobers. Not on my person mind you, but I find it makes for fun dog-cat play time. The dog inadvertently gets her face cleaned, and the cat ends up with a mohawk. Everybody wins!